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Gone are the times when customers had to ring up the helpline number for every IT service. Automate query management, service selection, query management, and more to take away the burden from your consultant team. Don’t wait for your customers to call or email you every time for service(s). Take customers’ experience to the next level by enabling them to solve their queries and problems themselves with our IT service portal.

Customer Management

Customer Management

Manage your customers’ information in real-time with our IT service provider. Say GOODBYE to manual addition and deletion of records and bring more ease in managing your customers’ details.

Service Management

Service Management

Add, update, or delete the details of one or more services on the go. Ensure full transparency in your business by displaying the right details of your services including prices, reviews, and more.

Consultant Management

Consultant Management

Manage your consultants and add or update their details on the fly to keep your IT services transparent and up-to-date.

Case Management

Case Management

View all the cases customers generate centrally from within our IT service portal. Assign the cases to different consultants in your team to optimize time and efforts.

How We Create a Perfect IT Service Portal for an IT Provider Company

  • Requirement gathering

    Once a client signs up with us, our team has a meeting with them to discuss an overview of what they need, and then there is a discussion about the nuances of what we can do for them.

  • Cross-check with the base product, finalize customization

    Once we know what the requirements are, we cross-check those with the product we have and figure out what customizations are needed for IT services portal development. If we need to create a unique custom solution, we create an exhaustive list of the details and a roadmap for it.

  • Give iterative updates

    Once we begin creating the solution, we share iterative updates with the client so they are always in the loop.

  • Test for limitations

    We test out the changes and limitations so that we can ensure that the solution works exactly as the client required it.

  • Final delivery

    Once we get final approval from the client, we deliver the final product with the necessary documentation.

  • Maintenance and Support

    Once you begin using it, we provide support and maintenance as well.

Technologies We Work With


  • html-tech
  • css-tech
  • bootstrap-tech
  • ReactJS
  • AngularJS
  • jquery-tech
  • php-tech
  • cakephp
  • Wordpress_Blue_logo
  • Joomla-tech
  • drupal-tech
  • dnn-tech
  • ionic


Your IT Service Portal Consultants

We have been in the portal industry for over 14 years now. We believe that portal solutions can streamline complex workflows and that can lead to better efficiency, transparency, and security. If you are in the IT service provider industry, we want to help you help you manage your services, your consultants, and of course your customers in a better way.

Your IT Service Portal Consultants

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Barry Hill
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Mike Kilby

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