Sourcing process made easy for every party with our custom portal

  1. Sourcing Company

    With the manufacturing processes being outsourced to cheaper regions, the outsourced industry has boomed. The hassle of getting the outsourcing right is taken up by companies that are on the ground in the sourcing country. One such company reached out to us for a platform to streamline their tasks of acquiring vendors, managing production, etc.

  2. Requirements:

    Our client wanted to address the challenges of e-store owners related to sourcing. The requirements they put forward for this project included building a digital platform that would provide their customers and suppliers with all the necessary information at the right time. Some of the challenges that were ahead of us were giving security, document management page, real-time updates of statues and more.

    • Notification to get real-time updates for each step of the process.

    • Access based on the inbound funnel.

    • Document management for various contracts and projects.

    • Real-time courier tracking.

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  4. Solutions:

    • Notification Management:

      Considering the highly delicate nature of the sourcing industry, we provided real-time notifications for freight, courier, production, inspection, etc. covering all stages of the production cycle.

    • Access Management:

      Leads have to be converted to customers and then they become portal users. This is managed by payment validation.

    • Document Repository:

      Paperwork in such an industry is crucial. We created a document repository in the portal that would give access to all business-related documents to each party of a contract.

    • Shipment Tracking:

      We integrated a third-party tracking API to reduce redundant communication between the parties.

  5. Results:

    • With this sourcing portal, our client successfully managed to automate their supplier and sourcing management. This gave them an upper hand over their competitors and created a brand image of being tech-savvy sourcing partners. Additionally, they streamlined the communication with their suppliers by providing them with timely status updates of sourcing as well as the production process through the portal.

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  7. Why CRMJetty:

    • CRMJetty has the industry expertise to cater to any of your requirements when it comes to portals. No matter how complex your business logic might be, we can create an automated flow to help you save your time and resources.


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