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  1. Lubi Pumps


    Established in 1965, in Gujarat, India, Lubi Pumps LLP is one of the most famous names when it comes to the manufacturing of water pumps and motors. They design customized water pump solutions. They have a foundry that can manufacture about 70,000 units on a yearly basis. Lubi Pumps is an ISO 9001 certified factory and their pumps come certified with CE or UL, as well as BEE for energy efficiency.

  2. Requirements:

    The client wanted a digital platform to be able to connect with their dealers and sub-dealers. This platform had to be something that would make it easy for them to navigate their requirements and streamline their communication. Additionally, they also wanted a mobile app that could do the same. While they had been using a CRM for themselves, a customer portal was their way of putting a digital foot forward in terms of their customer-centric operations.

    • Two Types of Users:

      Creating different roles of dealers and sub-dealers and managing the data exchange with different sets of permissions and use cases from one portal.

    • Real-Time Inventory Updates:

      As a manufacturer, they had the requirement where they wanted to update their inventory from ERP as they manufactured on a daily basis. Additionally, the inventory updates should reflect in the portal in real-time.

    • Catalog Data Management:

      Along with updates in inventory, we had to update the catalog data as and when they update their products or add new product inventory.

    • Administrative Tasks:

      Creating a function for portal users where they can manage administrative tasks like purchase requests, warranty registration, and order status.

    • Order Management:

      A holistic management of orders and their statues throughout their system including ERP, CRM, and portal.

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  4. Solutions:

    • Creating a Hierarchy:

      To manage secure data exchange between their two types of users, dealers and sub-dealers, we created a hierarchy. The dealer can see the details of their sub-dealers, without getting access to other dealers’ sub-dealers. Similarly, the sub-dealers do not get access to fellow sub-dealers’ details.

    • Live Inventory Management:

      Developed a functionality where the updated inventory reflects in the portal as and when gets updated from the backend. Additionally, their portal users can search stock directly by scanning product barcodes from their mobile application, thus eliminating the need to type an item code manually.

    • Data Sync:

      Synced product catalog data with dispatch details from their ERP to CRM which gets reflected in the portal. Also, managing item code, dealer branch, etc.

    • Quick Support:

      To help our client manage better relationships with their customers, we created support funnel in the portal where dealers and sub-dealers can ask for support on their purchases.

    • Purchase Management:

      Added a section for dealers and sub-dealers from where they could easily manage their purchase requests and sale details.

    • New Dealer Creation Flow:

      When any new user signs up from the portal, they go through an approval flow. Once approved from backend, respective data is assigned to them like branch code, user role, and if they are sub-dealers then a dealer will be assigned too. Once this process is completed, an approval email is sent automatically to the new user.

  5. Results:

    • With quick and seamless integration of portal with their CRM and regulated & secure flow of data from CRM to portals, their main agenda to automate a tedious process was successful.

    • Streamlined communication between our client and all of their dealers and sub-dealers. Adding a portal to their system completely changed the way they communicate with their dealers. It increased their productivity while decreasing errors caused by occasional miscommunication.

    • The portal eliminated the need for a back and forth of emails, calls, messages, and helps them focus on delivering the right product to their customers. A unified platform to manage dealers and their data securely.

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  7. Why CRMJetty:

    • Here’s what our client had to say about our work: CRMJetty team is very supportive and they were able to give a fast resolution to any problem that popped up during the set up of portal. They communicated over Skype for the demo and throughout the process, always keeping us in the loop.

    • CRMJetty has the industry expertise to cater to any of your requirements when it comes to portals. No matter how complex your business logic might be, we can create an automated flow to help you save your time and resources.


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