I highly recommend Sales port - A Customer Portal for Wordpress. It has provided us with a very functional Customer Portal allowing our customers to view order and tracking information and communicate with our Customer service team. Self-registration, as well as mass credential generation, has put the deployment and use on a fast track. This is a very functional and cost-effective product.

We contacted the Biztech team for their expertise with SugarCRM, WordPress, and PHP. They completed a project for us which integrated our CRM to a Payment Service Provider. The team was very responsive, gave valuable updates, and were very proactive to help us apply the best solution to our systems. They were very efficient in all aspects of product delivery and project management, their code quality was excellent as well. I have no hesitation in recommending Biztech for any outsourced projects with CRM, Web, and PHP solutions.

I reached out to Biztech to help me set up a WordPress frontend portal for my SuiteCRM instance. Biztech appeared to have the best solution available and I was definitely right. Biztech (Maulik Shah and his team in particular) were fast with their support and always spot on with suggestions on how to fix things (issues were caused by me — the software worked excellently). I have continued communication with Biztech throughout the past 6 months and look forward to continuing to work with them moving forward. If you’re one of the many online integrators like me, looking for well supported, fast solutions, I highly, highly recommend working with Biztech.

SalesPort Customer Portal by CRMJetty is highly recommended for anyone wanting to integrate WordPress and Salesforce beyond web-to-lead forms. I have been using SalesPort since September 2018 and find it to be a real gift for anyone seeking substantial WordPress/Salesforce integration without custom development. And, it was a real bonus to experience how committed the CRMJetty team is to customer success. Their cost was very reasonable and the work was completed within 24-36 hours. Getting started begins with installing the SalesPort app from the Salesforce AppExchange and the WordPress plugin provided by CRMJetty. The configuration isn't complicated at all. To comment or view more details, click this link: https://appexchange.salesforce.com/listingDetail?listingId=a0N3A00000EGye2UAD&revId=a0S3A00000KaUuWUAV&tab=r

SuiteCRM offers great possibilities. With the Wordpress Customer portal Add-On you get the possibility to enhance the CRM with a great and easy to use Customer portal. The CRMJetty Support is really helpful - solved all our issues within hours. I really recommend the Add-On and SuiteCRM. It really helps to give customers access to certain CRM data!

CRMJetty - SuiteCRM Customer Portal is a fabulous addition to SuiteCRM. It is extremely well thought out and offers unlimited customization; which can offer different types of customers very different experiences based on their status within SuiteCRM. The support team for SuiteCRM Customer Portal is exceptional. The 'one off payment' for unlimited users offers great value. 5 Stars!

So a new project for a client meant I needed a Customer Portal that was customisable, could work with a tight integration between Joomla and SuiteCRM, and which allowed me to present information in an easy to use and simple user interface. The SuiteCRM Customer Portal seemed to answer most of what I needed, but there were a few bits I needed to work differently.

I needed to authenticate users using the SuiteCRM Users rather than the default “out-of-the-box” contact credentials,

I needed to alter whether some fields were read-only or editable according to triggers in my SuiteCRM instance, and I needed to rename some of the modules so that they reflected the naming conventions my client was using.

The team at AppJetty were able to make the necessary modifications and now I have a completely seamless integration and my client is really happy.

My users can log in to SuiteCRM and can link through to the Customer Portal and with some tweaks on my end, the Joomla Portal, or they can log into the Customer Portal (using SuiteCRM credentials) and with my tweaks access the Joomla Portal or click through to SuiteCRM.

Even since deployment, i’ve needed to tweak a few bits and App Jetty were keen to log in remotely and make the updates. Sadly I couldn’t allow this as once in production it contains highly sensitive data which without complex NDA’s and confidentiality agreements I simply could not allow, but as a developer myself I found it incredibly easy to follow and understand the code and with a little guidance from the AppJetty team I was able to make the necessary changes myself.

If you need a Customer Portal for SuiteCRM, this is the one for you. Very well put together and far better than anything else i’ve seen. If you need it to go that little bit further than the out-of-the-box install, AppJetty are very helpful and knowledgeable, I cannot recommend them highly enough!


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