A Custom trading portal for hassle-free trade and portfolio management

  1. Forex Trading Company

    This forex trading company based out of Singapore provides a manageable, and smooth trading functionality. Their customers can trade, deposit and withdraw funds from their trading accounts. They provide services that make such transactions frictionless to help their customers get the best experience of forex trading.

  2. Requirements:

    The client wanted a clean platform that they could give to their clients to handle their trading portfolio. They wanted to automate certain tasks and reduce manual management through the CRM as it used up too much time of their staff. For their customers, they wanted functionalities like creating accounts, selecting currency, trading, depositing and withdrawing of funds.

    • Trading platform: Managing the account and trading details automatically instead of manually.

    • Seamless communication with MT4 (MetaTrader 4) API.

    • Get and show runtime Account types, currency, and transactions.

    • Automatic and manual process option.

    • Transferring money between multiple accounts of each user.

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  4. Solutions:

    We analyzed the trading industry, their best practices, and our previous portal solutions. Based on that we developed a custom solution for the client according to their unique business requirements.

    • API Integration:

      We automated trade management for their customers via MetaTrader 4 API. We used the default call with proper validation to communicate securely from the portal via CRM. This allows for fund deposit, withdrawal, and transfer.

    • Role-based Rights:

      Admin has rights to set automatic and manual processes for account approval, deposit, withdraw, account upgrade processes, etc.

    • Verification Process:

      Admin has rights to approve or reject any uploaded document for account verification. Based on that, a user's account status will be defined and they may need to upload documents again.

    • Multi-account Transaction:

      Made the transfer of funds between multiple accounts of a single user possible using the MetaTrader 4 API.

  5. Results:

    Our client was able to provide a frictionless forex trading experience to their clients while reducing the manual work for their staff. A number of their tasks related to trade management and CRM are now automated which eliminated their manual efforts. With the use of the API, there is also no scope for errors in trading, making their entire operation cycle effortless.

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  7. Why CRMJetty:

    • CRMJetty has the industry expertise to cater to any of your requirements when it comes to portals. No matter how complex your business logic might be, we can create an automated flow to help you save your time and resources.


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